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Garden Upkeep

All year round.

  • 3 hr
  • 200 British pounds
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Lawn Maintenance: This involves mowing the lawn at the appropriate height to promote healthy growth and prevent weed invasion. Trimming the edges of the lawn for a neat appearance is also part of the process. Additionally, the removal of weeds, such as dandelions or crabgrass, may be necessary. Plant Care: Garden upkeep includes tending to plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees within the garden. This may involve watering, fertilizing, pruning, and trimming to promote growth, control pests, and maintain their shape and health. Deadheading spent flowers and removing any diseased or damaged parts of the plants are also common tasks. Weed Control: Regular weeding is necessary to prevent unwanted plants from competing with desired plants for nutrients, water, and sunlight. Weeds are typically removed manually or through the use of appropriate herbicides, taking care to avoid harming desirable plants. Mulching: Applying a layer of mulch to garden beds and around plants provides various benefits. Mulch helps to conserve moisture, suppress weed growth, regulate soil temperature, and enhance the overall appearance of the garden. It is often replenished as needed. Irrigation: Proper watering is crucial for the health of plants. Garden upkeep includes monitoring soil moisture levels and providing adequate irrigation as needed. This may involve using sprinklers, drip irrigation systems, or watering cans depending on the garden's size and requirements. Pest and Disease Management: Regular monitoring for pests and diseases is an important part of garden upkeep. Identifying and addressing pest infestations or diseases promptly can help prevent the spread and damage to plants. This may involve implementing organic or chemical control methods, such as applying insecticides or fungicides when necessary. Pruning and Trimming: Pruning and trimming trees, shrubs, and hedges help maintain their shape, promote healthy growth, and prevent overgrowth. This includes removing dead or damaged branches, shaping plants for aesthetic purposes, and ensuring proper airflow and sunlight penetration. Seasonal Cleanup: Seasonal garden cleanup is an integral part of garden upkeep.

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London, UK

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