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Home Repair Service

  • 4 hr
  • price varies
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Service Description

Plumbing Repairs: Plumbing repairs address issues related to pipes, faucets, toilets, showers, and drains. This can include fixing leaks, unclogging drains, repairing or replacing fixtures, and ensuring proper water flow and drainage. Electrical Repairs: Electrical repairs focus on fixing issues with electrical systems and components. This may involve replacing faulty outlets, switches, or light fixtures, troubleshooting circuit breakers, repairing wiring problems, or addressing electrical safety concerns. HVAC Repairs: HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) repairs involve fixing problems with heating and cooling systems. This can include repairing or replacing faulty thermostats, air conditioning units, furnaces, heat pumps, or addressing issues with ductwork and ventilation. Appliance Repairs: Home repair services may include repairs of various household appliances, such as refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, ovens, or stoves. This involves diagnosing and fixing malfunctions, replacing damaged parts, or providing maintenance to ensure proper functionality. Roof Repairs: Roof repairs address issues related to leaks, damaged shingles, or other roofing problems. This can involve patching or replacing damaged areas, fixing gutter systems, or resealing roof penetrations to maintain a watertight and secure roof. Flooring Repairs: Flooring repairs deal with damaged or worn-out flooring materials. This may involve replacing broken tiles, repairing hardwood floor scratches or dents, fixing loose carpeting, or addressing issues with laminate or vinyl flooring. Window and Door Repairs: Window and door repairs focus on fixing issues with windows, doors, frames, or hardware. This can include replacing broken glass panes, repairing or replacing faulty locks, fixing door or window alignment, or addressing issues with weather-striping for better energy efficiency. Drywall and Plaster Repairs: Drywall and plaster repairs address damage such as holes, cracks, or dents in walls or ceilings. This involves patching damaged areas, applying joint compound, sanding, and repainting to restore a smooth and even surface. Structural Repairs: Structural repairs deal with issues that affect the stability and safety of a home. This may include fixing foundation cracks, reinforcing beams or supports, repairing damaged load-bearing walls, or addressing structural damage caused by water or pests. Painting and Finishing services also available

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London, UK

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